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Join the Mission Ocean Ecosystem

Find projects, citizen science initiatives, stakeholders, engagement methods, events, services, policies and funding, expand your network, stay up to date and keep track of our progress towards restoring our oceans and waters by 2030.


What is it ?

WaveLinks is an application that maps the research and innovation landscape of the Mission Ocean, fosters collaborations between projects and reinforces links between academia, industry and society.

Our mission is to ensure that valuable insights and discoveries no longer remain isolated but instead become catalysts for innovation and progress.


Collaborate with other projects

Connect with stakeholders

Explore citizen science initiatives

Discover engagement methods


And more to come on services, policies, funding, events and many others

Who is it for?

Whether you are part of a project related to the Mission Ocean, pledged to the Mission Ocean charter, work in the blue area or are simply interested in the blue domain, this application is for you and can help you to share knowledge and create real impact in restoring our oceans.

Best WaveLinks Features

WaveLinks focus on providing you an effortless experience when searching for the latest knowledge and making links bewteen academia, industry, policy and society.

Decide what you want to see

With a personalized dashboard, you are able to select the information that is most relevant to you so that you are up to date in your interest field

Make powerful searches

You can use long texts to find what you are looking for, while still being able to use filters and keywords.

Save your interests

That projects is very interesting and you want to save it to have a better look at it later? Is this stakeholder a possible partner for a future project but you don’t have the time to call them right now? Just use the save button to not lose any of these information

Get suggestions

According to what you save in your profile the app will suggest some more projects, events or people you might be interested in. We also send you notification so that you don’t miss anything.

We use your feedback

Just by clicking on a thumbs up or down button, your feedback will help us to improve the app and make sure each search and suggestion gives you valuable information


About us

Discover the projects that built WaveLinks.